Beginner Guide to Choose the Best Dog Food for Labrador

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Labrador retriever is one of the most famous dog breed across the world and it is easily trainable and full of energy. Lab is also known as original fisherman’s friend which is having capability to swim in strong currents. Choosing best dog food is crucial one because it can improve your dog health. Some of the dog food consists of top quality of meats from lambs, chicken, buffaloes, deer, cattle and ocean fish. The best dog food might contain some nutrition facts such as minimum amount of the proteins, amounts of fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amount of moisture and chondroitin.

Tips to Choose Best Dog Food for Labrador

In case you are a newbie to choose the best dog food for labrador then you must concern about certain factors such as:

  • Pick large breed formula dog food
  • Talk to your veterinarian
  • Look for AAFCO statement
  • Decide between dry and canned dog food
  • Read ingredient list
  • Check proximate analysis

Proximate analysis might be found on side of most of the pet food bags. As everyone knows ingredients could be listed by weight which is having huge amount of the moisture and usually it is listed at top of list. Look for the best source of fat such as fish oil and chicken fat which could be required for your dog health. Some of the dog food companies might add sweeteners which might maximize your dog appetite so you must carefully pick best dog food based on your dog age and other kinds of the factor. In case you are buying dry dog food then you can store it in the original bag in the airtight container in dry or cool place like freezer.

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How to Choose Best Dog Food

Labrador is good eaters and you must feed high quality of dog food because it is really useful to improve dog’s health. The best dog food must have combinations of the proteins, minerals, oils and nutrition. You can read review which is available in online to find out the best dog food. Different brands of the dog foods are available so you must consult with your vet before you pick food. Some of the food is prepared with the low moisture content which could be packed with sealable bag and it makes it trouble free to serve. Wet food could be stored in refrigerators which gives delightful taste to your dog tongue.